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The Future of more protenial growth in Macon


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Believe it or not, East Macon is growing...very very slowly. Nearly all growth has been residential though as several low-end subdivisions are popping up in that part of town. There's even a little growth happening east of downtown along the twiggs county line.

Part of the reason why the eastside isn't looking so good is because there aren't really many more places to go except into Jones or Twiggs...and Jones is growing by leaps and bounds. Twiggs is still mostly rural untouched land but according to the Telegraph, the county is upgrading infrastructure in preparation for suburban growth...only time will tell what happens on the eastside.

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I believe that Twiggs' growth will come with the resurgence of Downtown. It will be touted as the easiest drive into the city, with I-16 running right through the county. I see a lot of residential potential. But it will also suffer, as does WR because, imo, the residential tax base will far out weigh the industrial tax base. WR at least has the base if nothing else. Twiggs doesn't have anything near that scale. I hope to see Twiggs grow into a major residential area.

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Im from the Eastside....around the area where It first come into Jones County..where its actually still Macon City Limits along like Joy Cliff Rd.

The Eastside...I dunno....we're weird LOL

We seem like a little town thats just connected to Macon in a way because its nothing really over here

We dont have the buisness and feel of upscale North Macon......We dont have that TOUGH CITY life feel of like South and West Macon (Though we do have some crime problems)

We just seem like a little town off to ourself ........with an industrial park off in the Country

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as for the surburban extentions of Macon

Northside has Monroe County which is also effected by ATL

South and Westside is connected to Warner Robins and we all kno about their SPRAWL

on the Eastside...hmmm...Twiggs and Wilkinson are just too RURAL...they basically have NOTHING.....tho we do have Jones which is KINDA comin along nice.....it cant compare to other parts of the area and has seems to die down.....but i guess the Potential would have to towards Jones

Wilkinson and Twiggs need to worry about atleast gettin a McDonald's there

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A little off-topic but i just wanted to mention a few new eateries around Macon

Giuseppe's Pizza - Coming Soon - Tom Hill Sr. Blvd.

Mo-Joe's (Wings) - Now Open - Zeb. Rd.

Golden Corral (New concept of a largely extended bar, 1st in Southeast) - Coming Soon - Presidential Pky.

Edgar's Bistro - Now Open - Eisenhower Pky.

Ruby Tuesday's - Coming Soon - Gray Hwy.

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