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dog food plant in Shreveport


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Does anyone know where this place is, and who runs it? I've heard about it before but never smelled it until tonight. This is the first time I've EVER smelled this place, and my wife is ALWAYS complaining about it because she works downtown and smells it every day. Tonight on our way into the restaurant I was gagging at the smell. It smelled like decomposing human remains, but you could still tell it was dog food. If you open a bag of dog food and the smell hits you in the face, you probably think it smells pretty bad. Imagine that x 1,000! It's THAT bad.

So really, does anyone know anything about it? I can NOT see this being good for our city's image when you can smell it outside the convention center/casino tourist districts. I'm assuming it's somewhere in the Agurs industrial district, but I could smell it all the way over on Milam Street tonight.

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