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Opry Mills Hotel

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My lady and I decided to go all out and visit the Opry Mills Hotel. I think everyone should go get a room and get drunk like we did. It was a good experience with exception of being switched to 3 different rooms and a very confusing layout. The building is just a baby so if developers are reading this here are somethings things that could help the place prosper more than it already has.


-Diversity.. It was a real treat to get away from the cultural shock of the south ( no offense, I am just calling a spade a spade). I enjoyed talking with people from San Fran, Honolulu, Cleveland, The City, etc and we all agreed on the culture shock.

-Very beautiful scenery. I am not into the garden scene; I love city life but I was still blown back from the scenery of an indoor facility.

-Saturday night drinking. I enjoyed seeing the fellow partiers drinking and enjoying themselves like us. Its not Bourbon or Beale Street but was very fun to get away from the boring tourists during the day.

-Delta section was the most impressive (Love the fountain show).

-Cozy rooms

-Nice service...once they found out that we were not with a convention group. :(

Negatives (not many):

- Alot of people were lost and frustrated. I had about 10 Long Island Iced Teas but it was very hard to find bathrooms. We had to been a good distance from our room.

- People always asked us, " What group are you guys in." I didn't like that we paid individually but they assumed we were in a convention group; Why???????

- Room wasn't ready upon arrival..Guess what..it was 5 pm..If check out time is at 11 am, why did we have to wait an hour for our room.

In all the trip was worth it and Nashville really should embrace it and build on it. I really love the lack of retail in the area other than the mall; that way people will stay at the hotel and spend more money. Like paying 35 dollars for an 8 oz. stake dinner. Good strategy...Thanks Nashville very impressive.

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They bounce conventions from one Gaylord facility to the next from year to year. A convention group can go around the country that way and stay loyal to Gaylord. They have a winning strategy. With hotel resorts in development around the country, they have a really quality brand. Let's see, they have one in Orlando, Dallas, DC, San Diego. Where else? I read that they want to build twelve more in the next ten years at about a billion dollars a pop.

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Actually, there are two separate ownerships now. The mall was owned by Mills Corp, the land was owned by Gaylord. Gaylord considered the land one of those non-essential assets and sold it to Mills.

Mills=Mall and Land

Gaylord=Everything else, Opry, Hotel, etc.

If you have a problem at the Mall, don't call Gaylord. If you have a problem with Gaylord, don't call Mills.

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I didn't know the building's grand opening was in 1977. The renovations and expansion really preserves the look of it being a pretty new facility. I posted my initial response without facts, first time for everything..

Yes we did stay in a room. We stayed for 2 nights. My girlfriend tried sushi for the first time. She is from Memphis and everyone at the counter was looking and teasing her; it was great. People from Honolul and Los Angeles, Italy, etc really enjoyed as well as us. I am so hyped about it, it may seem my words are running together.

We did take pictures but not with our digital (left it at home) but with a drug store camera. Alot of images didn't come out the way I wanted it to but we had a ball.

Saturdays were my favorite because all of my fellow nightlifers flooded the garden with laughter and staggering..Alot of fun.. I bet alot of cities are envious.

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