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Downtown Skyline and Aerial Photos


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Good photo!

I'm away from home at school in Tuscaloosa, but I grew up outside the main Huntsville area out in the OXR/New Hope area. I know this forum is pretty much dead, and doesn't have as much traffic as it did this time last year, but takin' a shot here with some quick questions bout some developments and what not that I pick up on from news back home.

1- Constellation development - Whats the recent details/specs with this in downtown. Before I left for the semester I worked downtown for the summer and I saw that they had the one Marriott hotel's structure foundation complete. What's the skinny with that building at the beginning of construction of the others. Are the plans from the original design still in place, or has the big-wigs downtown gutted it all out in hopes of the same ole same ole that we're sick and tired of?

2. Harris Hill site - I have friends that live out in the Gurley area so I will sometimes drive over Chapman mountain and head that direction. With the exception of the road access from Moore's Mill which was complete years and years ago, what else is there to go forth with. Is the project even still on the table or are we waiting for expansion plans on 565/72 over the mountain first before that development takes place?

3. I read in some of the forums, of course this was all years and years ago and I know how slow the city of Huntsville moves if they don't particularly care for the development in of itself, and I remember reading it in newspapers of the 6 story parking garage with condos built on Holmes. What's become of that? Or has the Twickenham people ruled against that as well.

Reading alot of these forums about the potential for downtown development kill me. I may be only 21 and still in college, but I think I have enough sense to know what will kill a part of a city and what will bring it back to life. Downtown won't die for the pure fact of the city's government is located there. As far as anything else, the closer to the historical district and Five-Points area a developer looks, the more likely it will not take place. I understand, and respect and value the historical areas of downtown. Hell I love driving down Franklin street and seeing the Antebellum homes. But if Huntsville wants to ever compete with cities of its same caliber - concerning recruiting other Office industries outside the High Tech field (such as Investment firms, banks, corporations) that may not want to develop in Research Park - it has to provide a better means of keeping people downtown after 5. Sure there are a few bars, but what else could there be? Shopping is great yes, Restaurants are great too.. But what about something different?

- What about a small movie plex with say only about 3 or 4 screens. I had seen that mentioned earlier that would attract a better crowd than some people think. The independent films that some theaters won't show could go downtown! Why not in an abandoned building - for example the old furniture building on Washington? (I believe that street is right, if not bear with me).

- How about a dance club? Sure it would be almost the same as a bar - but, (not to stereotype here), girls want to go out to dance too. Most bars downtown, or hell most bars in Huntsville that I've been to at least, don't really have a dancing scene. And lets be honest, if the girls go to these places to dance, guys will follow. If guys follow, they want to eat - BOOM! the restaurants downtown will do great.

Just my opinion, of course you need shops in various places as well, but sometimes there are needs for things that are outside the box, such as things I've mentioned. Just my two cents worth on the potential that Downtown could have

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