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(Your City's) Signature Street(s)


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Most cities have a street, boulevard that as soon as you mention it names you immediately think of that place. If someone mentions, (for example) Sunset Boulevard, most people will immediately think of Los Angeles and Hollywood. So, share your city's Signature or Famous street(s)...

for Atlanta...

Peachtree Street


for Miami...

Ocean Drive


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Franklin St in Chapel Hill

Bragg Blvd in Fayetteville

King St in Boone

Independence Blvd in Charlotte (Providence? Central? Queens?)

Glenwood Av, Hillsborough St & Capitol Blvd in Raleigh

9th St in Durham

Montford Av or Tunnel Rd in Asheville?

Some of these aren't so attractive, and some of the cities might wish they were a little less well-known, but I think all of 'em are comparatively famous (in NC at least) and identified with the cities they are in...

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For ours - Bristol, Tennessee-Virginia - its State Street. The state line runs down the center of the road in the old downtown district. The far west in is West State St. and the far east end is East State St. of course.

Another well known highway that runs through town is Volunteer Parkway, which is the same road as Bristol Motor Speedway - so its extremely well known- especially since this road is a short cut between I-26 and I-81 in the metro area.

There are a few others that are well known/used- but these are the most popular.

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