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Election Day


Are you going to vote this year?  

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As of right now my plan is to vote for Democrats in Congressional races and for Republicans in the local ones.

On the local scene Republican & Democrat mean different things than on the national scene. In New Jersey local politics, Democrats are the VERY corrupt party in control and many of the Republican challengers are reformers who support gay rights, stem cell research, and a woman's choice, yet also see the fact that we have the nation's highest property tax as a problem. They're usually more the Michael Bloomberg type of Republican instead of the John Ashcroft type of Republican. This isn't to say that many of NJ's local Republicans aren't corrupt either. After all, this IS New Jersey!!!

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This is why states need to promote laws like same-day registration. This is what allowed 70% of college-aged voters in the state to vote in 2004 in Minnesota.

There are those (Republicans) that think that we should move back to a system where you have to register before hand, you must vote in your hometown precinct, and you must have proof of citizenship on you.

This would disenfranchise anyone without a passport, college students who couldn't go home or couldn't get an absentee ballot in time, and the elderly who may not even have a birth certificate.

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The thing is if democrats take over congress, they have no power in changing policy. The only thing they can do is tie the presidents hands and keep him from further damaging our nation. It will take a new president to change the policy. Its important that the democrats take over congress so if a democrat is elected as president in 2008, he or she can make sure policies and the direction of our country changes. If the republicans keep control, even if a democrat is elected as our next president, he or she wont accomplish much. however If the democrats take over congress, that basically hints that the people wil likely vote for a democrat as our next president. Democrats are saying that republicans control everything and if you want change, you have to vote democrat.

btw I voted yesterday, straight democrat plus I voted for all of the bonds for Greensboro.

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Honestly, I am not voting a straight ticket for either party, but I will not be voting to reelect any Republican congressmen or congresswoman in my district. I have no respect left for the National Republican Party at this point after see what bs that been done particular the events of involving Hurricane Katrina, whatever you want to call what is occurring in Iraq, the suspension of Habreas Corpus, and how they have let Osama bin Laden escape. However, on a state level I will be voting to reelect my incumbent governor (Republican) and a progressive incumbent state senator (Republican) that I have known personally for years. The rest will be all Democratic.

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I'm voting for all Democrats except in the SC Governor's race I cannot vote for either major candidate. Tommy Moore claims to be a Democrat, but he isn't in my eyes. I will be writing in Frank Willis, the other candidate in the Democratic primary. I am obviously voting NO on amendment one. I'll vote yes on the amendment giving each branch of the legislature the right to decide when they take a break, but no on all the others.

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I'll be voting for DFL candidate for governor Mike Hatch, although it was a close decision between him and Independent Peter Hutchinson. Hatch has the will power to represent us well and will work to fight insurance and drug companies.

For senate I will vote for DFLer Amy Klobuchar. It is clear that she will fight for change in Iraq and also work to represent working-class and middle class Americans. She will pick up off where Mark Dayton left, but she will also add a new component and a fresh face to the job with her activist approach to things.

For congress I will vote for DFLer Patty Wetterling. This is the clear choice. Her opponent Michele Bachmann is way too extreme for my blood to the point that I would never consider her for my vote. She is too narrow minded on the issues and runs only a platform of banning gay marriage, abortion, and cutting taxes. That is no good strategy when she offers no solutions on how to keep us fiscally sound.

For local elections, I will vote DFL in the state Senate election and for the MN house. I know the house candidate personally and the incumbent DFL senator has done a very good job in her first four years.

I will vote yes, though reluctantly, on Minnesota's transportation ammendment to dedicate all funds raised through vehicle sales taxes to transportation purposes. I am reluctant because the wording dedicates no more than 60% to highways and no less than 40% to public transit. While this is very good for boosting public transit, that will almost exclusively benefit the Twin Cities metro area and leave rural Minnesota dry without other sources. I do think it is very important, however, to boost public transit funding.

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