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Moscow 1908


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This 7 minute film shows a European city almost 100 years ago. There seems to be no particular purpose to it except to show what the city is like in the winter. It's fascinating to see such a developed place without any automobiles. It's presented here for your edification and enjoyment.

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Very interesting video, metro. Great find! It's really amazing to watch something like that, and then think about comparing it with what you would see in most major American cities today. Just seeing so many people out walking to get from place to place seems surreal.

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Wow - thanks for posting this - given that an estimated 80-90% of pre-WWII films are lost, due to war or improper storage, this is quite unique.

Aside from Russia and the US, the film industries in the UK, France, Italy, Germany, Japan, China, S. Korea, India & Egypt are all over 100 years old - I'd love to see some similar glimpses of cities elsewhere... I recall reading online about a year ago that a vault containing a cache of long-thought-lost Thai silent films was unearthed at a construction site in Bangkok, and within the last 5 years there have been similar finds in Amsterdam and Seoul - we will see what can be salvaged and restored out of those.

I'll have to do some searching!

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