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Downtown Minneapolis - An Evolving 30 Years


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I found these photos posted by MNMike at SkyScraperPage.





Since the IDS tower was built in 1973 downtown Minneapolis has seen amazing growth. The downtown area has added 48 towers of 15 stories or more.

Since 2000, there have been over 50 projects, including office, condos, transit, and cultural institutions completed in the downtown area; 14 projects are currently under construction; at least 17 projects are waiting to break ground; and 5 have the city approvals needed to move forward.

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Holy crap! 48 towers of 15 stories or more?? And 14 more under construction now! Are they all in the CBD area of Dt or are they across the city limits? That is amazing growth either way, truly a city to envy. Tampa has been trying to grow DT, but is much slower than minneapolis.


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