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Tallest buildings you've climbed...


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What tall buildings have you looked down on the earth from?

I've been up to the top of Boston's tallest, the John Hancock tower and the nation's tallest, the Sears Tower.

Never got a chance to go up to the top of the World Trade Center, and still haven't been up to the top of the Empire State Building. One of these days.

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Can you really just walk into the Empire State Building (like Meg Ryan does in Sleepless in Seattle) and take the elevator to the top? When I went to the Sears Tower, it literally took about two hours, watching a video and waiting in lines.

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The Sears Tower back in 1988. Unfortunately it was a cloudy day and half of the tower was obcured by clouds-- not that a building being so insanely tall that half of it being in the clouds isn't cool in of itself. However it was neat to be on the observation floor and being inside a cloud. The glass curtain walls enclosing the space gave the effect of being inside a gigantic floresent light.

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