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Downtown Greenville Projects List

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All of this information comes directly from Greenville Magazine

It does not include other projects such as the ICAR site, I-385 expansion, etc.

The Bookends (Phase 1)

-Mixed Use

-30 residences

-6200sqft commercial space

-E. McBee St. & Spring St.

-8 stories


-Acts as a "bookend" for the Spring St. Garage

-one building, but 4 distinct architectural styles to appears as 4 separate buildings

The Bookends (Phase 2)

-acts as the other "bookend" to the Spring St. Garage.

-E. Washington St. & Spring St.

-I assume it has the same stats as phase 1

Poinsett Corners

-Mized Use

-81 Residential Units

-17,000sqft commercial space


-located on a former city parking lot

-will surround a parking garage

-actual location: ?

Wachovia Place

-Mixed Use

-rennovation of older office building

-22 apartments

-10,000sqft of retail space


-S. Main and E. Washington

Lofts at Mills Mill

-rennovation of vacant mill built in 1897

-104 residential loft stye condos

-additional new buliding to house 13,000sqft of retail space


-Mills Ave. & Lynn St.

Falls Park on the Reedy

-state of the art, one of a kind pedestrian bridge is being built over the Reedy River

-public gardens with amphitheatres will be built


-Mized Use

-Accross the Reedy from the Peace Center

-50 new residential units

-100 room hotel

-87,000sqft of commercial space

-subsurface parking

-public plaza and pedestrian promenade descending from Camperdown Way and S. Main St. will lead to the Riverwalk area

-will be built in several phases

-1st phase valued at $25million

The Richland at Cleveland Park

-New York style penthouses

-24 units

-under construction along Richland Creek

-E. Washington St.

The Park Downtown

-35 residential units

-adjacent to McPhearson Park on E. Park Ave.


Heritage Green

-plans to convernt an old library into a children's musem called Imagine-Nation

-plans to convert the adjacent Coca-Cola distribution building into a satellite location for the Bob Jones University Musem and Gallery.

-Improvemnts include: new landscaping, ligting, pedestrian amenities, and a water feature to create an entrance to downtown.

-Greenville is still hoping to build a new statdium for the Greenville Braves in Greenville's West End area, but a new controversy has arisn about spending taxpayer-dollars on a new stadium.

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Actually there are for most of these, but Greenville magazine is not really made for online reading, and I don't have a scanner to scan the images... I'll see if I can find some though.

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I posted some renderings of these on the other forum a few months back.



Poinsett Corners


Wachovia Place


Mills Mill


River Place



Park Avenue East


These are really nice! One of the most under-rated residential developments in the Carolinas!

Located on the edge of McPherson Park along the East Park Avenue Historic District. The residences will reflect the architecture of their classic surroundings, with Craftsman-style homes composed of textured tumbled brick, authentic shaker shingles, horizontal lap siding, standing seam copper accents, custom designed windows and front doors, and large open porches.

Heritage Green


There are more developments than these.

400 North Main

is an excellent example of some of the projects you missed.



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Thats awsome. I haven't had the time to go dig up these pics, so thanks for posting... I knew my list wasn't a complete one. It was just the list that was in Greenville Magazine.

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Time to reflect. How far GV has come!!!! I was reading old post. This was a list of downtown projects from March 2004, just a little over a year ago. While substantial, think of this list compared to todays list. Think of all the projects that have been announced in just one years time that are changing the Greenville skyline. Incredible! :D

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