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Fire rips thru Eastern Guilford High School


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A fire which started in an unoccupied chemistry lab at around 2:15 this afternoon has all but destroyed Eastern Guilford High School in Gibsonville; just east of Greensboro. No students were injured, however, three firefighters have been transported to local area hospitals for various fire related injuries.

The school was not equipped with a fire sprinkler system.

As of 9:00 pm firefighters have made the decision, for safety reasons, to back off and let the fire burn itself out.

The school was the newest high school in the Guilford County system, with a total enrollment of 1060 students. The estimated value of the build is 18.4 million dollars.

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I think GTCC will become the temporary campus for some students at least, (seniors) and the others might be dispersed among other area schools. That's just my opinion as of now, but we've yet to get he official word from Guilford County Schools.

Probably quick mobile classrooms at Dudley, Northeast and Southeast?

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An odd parallel here for me, when I was at Albemarle Elem. in 2nd grade in Charlotte, a student burned down most of the school and we were diverted to a rundown, and I believe previously condemned, school near downtown Charlotte. They cleaned up the place while we were there for the first few days, the place had an interesting smell the rest of the year though. Anyway, my point is that they will use something, as pointed out above in using GTCC space, it is rare to leave students in limbo like this not getting educated and leaving parents in a bind. You know there were people pulling all nighters last night on this. On a side note, friends in Texas and Wisconsin called my wife to ask her if it was her school that caught on fire - this made national news.

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