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Transit station planned south of Perimeter over I-75

State transportation officials are planning to build a $93 million bus terminal in the sky above I-75, just south of the Perimeter in Cobb County.

The "lid," as state planners affectionately call it, would soar 25 feet above the busy highway, span nearly two football fields in length and have room for 18 bus bays.

The massive, $93 million elevated transit station would be adjacent to the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center in the bustling Cumberland Mall-Galleria area.

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Another example of what "Sonny did".

Aubie is correct - this whole package is a load of BS wrapped up in the funding for the gargantuan expansion of I-75.

There will be no stations south of this Lid they are proposing. The design they are going with will not be easy to retrofit into LRT. This will be a huge flop that is nothing more than window dressing, IMO. They are predicting ridership of 49,000 a day - with rail routed the right way, it could be way higher.

Isolated freeway oriented BRT routes like this aren't very successful anywhere in the U.S. Riders shun them, and they NEVER, ever have attracted any type of Transit Oriented Development.

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