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Revitalization of the Boswell Avenue Area

This is a neighborhood that was in decline for a long time, considered by many to be the worst area of the city. It's good to see that people are giving it a second look. One of the few positives to come about due to the casinos, older homes are being brought back from the dead.

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Council of governments question Route 2A bypass

I'm all for the by-pass, the local proposal would harm fewer properties in Preston. They're not talking about running a highway thru downtown Norwich, it would essentially be a long exit to and from the by-pass through very steep terrain into an already dumpy neighborhood. The Bulletin is a weak excuse for a newspaper overall, don't judge a proposal by their opnion alone. If Utopia is built, Route 12 south of the city center will become gridlocked, nobody that lives on Laurel Hill would be able to go anywhere.

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Developer proposed "retail plaza" for Washington St. across from Backus Hospital. Includes national chain pharmacy and coffee shop. Approx. 20k square feet total.

And people already upset about it: http://www.norwichbulletin.com/news/x373059767

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I was at my in laws and saw something about finalists for the state hospital property. This however was just about the "small" section within Norwich.

Northland was one finalist, and the other was Bourbon street norwich or something.

I love Northland for what they are doing in Hartford, but I hate their plan for the hospital. Bourbon street is a great attraction and would actually give more people more reasons to hit SE CT especially as casinos proliferate around the country and the world.

The best thing is that if Bourbon street is selected in Norwich, the rest of the land will still be a massive billion dollar development and nothing is lost, only gained.

Maybe someone can find the details online. I think it was in the Day or Bulletin.

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This is the article I read about the proposal.

For me, the 61 acres in Norwich are not make or break for the main projects in Preston. I think it is most important to create reasons for people to come to SE CT. developing housing can happen on any piese of land. But creating a destination can only happen on parcels like the hospital. Below I have pasted the highlights of each proposal for the Norwich 61 acres. For me I only like Bourbon street.

"Northland Investment Corp.

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Norwich hospital news. this article is more about the zoning in the area and how it could be a problem for developers. I would hope however if a developer was chozen that they would have no problem getting the zoning changes they need to bring their vision to life.

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I was in Montville the other day and noticed a HYATT PLACE being developed across the street from that new shopping plaza that was just built(home depot etc)

the lot was cleared freshly, and there was a sign saying "opening soon"

no idea what the actual timeline is or the size and scale of the project, but HYATT PLACE is definately one of the faster growing brands in the North East.

I wonder when hartford will get one? (more likely Windsor)

their website allows you to book a room starting feb 11th 2010

and calls it 176 rooms and 6 stories

and I guess its uncasville

It's a hotel, not sure of the chain. It's been in the works for a few years now, quite possibly the creepiest location ever (it's in the middle of a cemetary).
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