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The Fall of Murfreesboro

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No, I'm not speaking of a "fall" in any physical or economic sense; I am speaking of the Fall season in Murfreesboro - had you going, didn't I?

I have been a little disappointed in the Fall colors this year. I have seen seasons in the past which offered greater diversity and brilliance in color but I decided to take my camera to a few locations around Murfreesboro and attempt to capture some of Murfreesboro's Fall foliage. I came away with two new sets of photogrpahs posted to my Flickr page. One set features photos taken almost exclusively on East Main Street whereas the second set was taken at various locales such as my neighborhood, the Greenway, and out near the Rockvale Community.

My Webpage

My Webpage

Above should take you to the two links if you care to view the photos. Below I will provide a few of my personal favorites. Hope you enjoy.










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