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Top 10 Downtown Destinations


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Not in any particular order:

NC Museum of Natural Science

NC Museum of History

Progress Energy Center for the Perorming Arts

Kings Barcade

Lincoln Theatre

City Market/Moore Square area (Exploris/IMAX included)

Glenwood South

Last 3 are restaurants spread out through downtown that I would come from Chapel Hill for:

Nana's Chophouse

42nd St. Oyster Bar

2nd Empire

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Lets see...



NC Museum of History

NC Museum of Natural Science

Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts

Glenwood South

City Market

Art Galleries (spread out throughout downtown)

Fayetteville Street (still seems to draw people just to take a peek)

II Empire

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My personal top 10 Downtown Destination list are as follows...

1 is Fayetteville Street/The Raleigh Times, (beautiful, vibrant, old and full of life).

2 is Progress Energy Center for the Performing Arts, (excellent shows/performances).

3 is The State Capital and grounds, (see where the gov. used to take place).

4 is Second Empire,(old, beautiful, great food).

5 is NC Museum of History, (I enjoy history almost as much as I enjoy current events).

6 is IMAX, (plain old COOL).

7 is Oakwood Cemetery, (drive or walk, spring or fall, peaceful and full of beauty, reminder to enjoy life).

8 is Logan Trading Company, (always a fun buy).

9 is Dix Hill property, (for sitting, picnic, the view).

10 is The White Rabbit,(book store, great place to meet people,conversation).

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My ten "third places" in downtown:

1. Sidewalk dining tables on Hargett St. outside of the 'times' sister establishments

2. Belly up at the bar at Tir na nOg

3. Moore Square for a concert, the farmers' market, or an event

4. Basketball courts at Halifax / Capital Park

5. My office chair

6. A quiet sunday morning with a good book at Helios

7. The predictabilty of Joe's Place

8. Fayetteville Street

9. Bicycling or running down Blount Street (from North to South to enjoy the steady decline)

10.The basement dining room at Riviera

Places I used to love, and now miss:

1. Lizzie's - Alibi isn't the same - Lizzie's was genuine

2. Pre spa health club buyout of Cap Fit

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Top six destination areas:

- Moore Square and Exploris

- Union Square and museum complex (NC History, Natural Sciences)

- Glenwood South

- Progress Energy complex

- Warehouse/Depot District

- Fayetville Street

Personal likes and potential future destinations

- Seaboard Station

- Crema/Times Bar Rivera Hargett/Wilmington area

- Kings, Lincoln Theater, Slim's, Martin Street Music Hall, the Berkley, and Yancy's

- RBC Plaza/Wilmington Street

- multi-modal warehouse transit hub

- State Govt. TTA stop/Quorum/West at North

- 222 Glenwood and other Glenwood infill projects

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No particular order:

42nd Street


Raleigh Times (probably #1 in my book)

Fayetteville Street

Glenwood South

Moore Square

Progress Energy/BTI/Memorial Auditorium/Insert Your Name Here Center

Cafe Luna

The Museum District

Krispy Kreme

Honorable Mention:

The Archdale, for the awe-inspiring architecture and well-lit, uplifting interior :rofl:

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noticed alot of folks seemed to put down things as if they were marketing downtown to visitors....I took the question to mean what are the top ten things that bring me or make me like downtown....those are:

The Rockford

Humble Pie

Pooles Diner



Raleigh City Museum

Memorial Auditorium/Meymandi Hall

The Harget/Wilmington/Fayetteville intersection and its general atmosphere

The Glenwood/Hillsborough intersection and its general atmosphere

Blount Street from Peace to Edenton and its historic houses


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My personal favorite downtown destinations, that don't really include the big stuff (museums, Progress Center, etc):

Joe's Place Restaurant (Home of Joe's Mom's food) - kick ass southern cooking vegetables - all you can eat vegetable plate for $5.95 and the collards will make you wanna smack your mama.

White Rabbit Bookstore - very neat place... if you aren't gay or lesbian, check it out anyway... its got lots of liberal peraphanalia, t-shirts, underwear, GREAT greeting cards, and a really good selection of books and music.

Father and Son Antiques - lots of neat old stuff, and some art!

Stuff Consignment Botique - another really cool place, and celebrating their first year birthday! support the little guys!

Pooles Diner - this place is about as hip and trendy as they come and with some damn good food, might I add!

Legends, CC's, and Flex - couldn't go without mentioning our three little blocks! w00t!

Turkish Delights - locally owned and run by a few Turkish ladies, their Baklava is the best! and you can sit on the hill and watch the revelers on Glenwood and the Powerhouse area.

Firefly - really cool shoes

American Indian Company - neat place in City Market!

The Brass Grill - this Wilmington St restaurant looks like a dump on the outside, bit is is really cool on the inside, and they've got really yummy food for lunch! i wish they'd extend their hours to evenings and weekends.

Krispy Kreme - this is a given... I can't believe that this came last on my list. I completely forgot about it.

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