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A sample Hartford thread


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MadVlad posts: Hey guys, new poll, Hartford has been ranked 5th world wide in Rutabaga production, isn't that great?

Bill Mocarsky: This is great news, how best can we use this to better the city?

Runaway Jim: I've never heard that, Providence has better rutabaga, I grew up in New Haven and they have better rutabaga too.

Hartford Tycoon: Guys, this is great news, I've always known this about the city.

drc72: This is great!!

Random Providence guy: C'mon, Providence is renowned for their rutabaga, we are not called the "rutabaga renaissance city" for nothing"

MadVlad: No one cares about Providence here, take it easy.

Mikel: we need to keep the rutabagas under 3 stories, you idiots.

Beerbeer: Listen, Hartford has the best rutabaga, plain and simple, look at the stats folks.

RunawayJim: I grew up here, so I have knowledge, no one knows about the Hartford rutabaga.

MadVlad: Jim, we know you don't like the city, so you don't really know.

RunawayJim: I grew up around New Haven, I do to know.

MadVlad: No, you don't.

RunawayJim: Do too.

MadVlad: Do not.

Hartford Tycoon: Guys, let's stop posting nonsense and keep the thread clean.

drc72: this is great!!

Cotuit: All you Hartford guys are warned. Keep Providence out of this.

MadVlad: They brought it up.

mikel: Better a rutabaga than a parking lot.

random Providence guy: There are articles everywhere about our rutabaga, they must have just missed us.

Frankie811: The real question is, why did Bob Marley and the Wailers leave since you don't support the Wolf Pack. That's the real question...

MadVlad: tirade

metrom: You are all warned of suspensions. Go Ned Lamont.

Cotuit: thank god.

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