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recruiters lying to students


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Its frustrating to see our country go down the tubes and its even more frustrating to see that alot of american people cant see the tatics republicans are using to get their votes. These wedge issues (gay marriage, stem cell research) are being used to divide america and benefit the republican party. The White House could care less about gay marriage because the only time they talk about it is during an election and once the election is over and their party wins thats the last you hear about it. They'll bring up any issue to avoid talking about Iraq. also Republican leadership tries to leave the impression that Democrats are for gay marriage and republicans are not. In fact most democrats are also against gay marriage and there are many republicans that are for gay marriage. This misconception came from the federal amendment that Bush proposed in 2004 to ban gay marriage. The democrats were just against the federal amendment to the constitution. They believe its should be left up to the states to decide. How ironic though becasue I thought the repubublican party was for more state power and less federal government power.

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