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Hilton at Pearl River Resort?


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A Hilton at the Pearl River Resort?

According to Rudi Schiffer's gaming column, plans are in the works for a Hilton resort hotel at the Pearl River Resort in Neshoba County. I have found nothing else to support this rumor, but there could well be truth to it. The hotel would be built next to the Dancing Raabbit Golf Course.

Rudi Schiffer- Heard It On the River

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Somewhat True....Hilton Garden Inn

I'd thought the Choctaws were intent upon building another full-scale hotel next to the golf course. It's going to be a Hilton Garden Inn with 140 rooms. While this will be a nice addition to the hotels in the area, it hardly represents the major investment I had thought was coming. I suppose the Choctaws are too busy trying to build on the Coast to make another gigantic investment on their home turf.

RGT Online- Rudi Schiffer column

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