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What subways have you been on?


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You got me beat:

Boston, MA

Washington D.C.

It would help if my parents didn't have such a hatred of large cities though. Then maybe I would've gotten a chance to actually visit some cities, instead of just passing through them as fast as possible.

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Other non-bus transit:

Tampa Trolley

Disney World Monorail

Chicago commuter rail.

New Orleans street car

Miami Metromover

Boston water taxi

Yes, let's expand, non-bus transit:

Boston, MA - MBTA Commuter Rail

Boston, MA - Water Taxi

Malden, MA - Wellington People Mover :P

Nantucket, MA - Hy-Line ferry

Martha's Vineyard, MA - Island Queen Ferry

Martha's Vineyard, MA - Steamship Authority

Martha's Vineyard, MA - On-Time Ferry (featured in the film Jaws!)

Newport-Providence, RI - RIPTA Ferry

Portland, ME - Yarmouth, Nova Scotia - Scotia Prince Ferry

San Francisco, CA - Cablecar

New York, NY - Roosevelt Island Tramway

Carver, MA - Edaville Railroad :lol:

New York, NY - Long Island Railroad

New York, NY - MetroNorth

Boston-Provincetown, MA - Ferry

Amtrak Acela

France - TGV Highspeed Trains

Not owning a car means I get to ride lots of transit.

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Guest donaltopablo

I thought I posted on this thread:

True Subways (or some point of the transit system a subway):



San Fran

Washington, DC

Vancovuer (I think it goes underground, I was like 12)




Also been on New Oreleans street cars. Not a subway, but still very cool.

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I've been on rapid-transit in the following cities:

Boston (the T)

Detroit (People Mover)

Chicago (the L, Metra)

Cleveland (the Rapid)

Baltimore (Metro and light-rail, MARC)

New York (subway, Path)

Philadelphia (Septa, trolley)

Pittsburgh (the T)

Saint Louis (MetroLink)

San Francisco (BART)

Los Angeles (Metro-Link)

Miami (Metro, People Mover)

Washington, DC (Metro)

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