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Democratic Tsunami Slams NH

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New Hampshire Democrats enjoyed their best night in over 100 years on Tuesday, sweeping races up and down the ballot. The most shocking result of the night in NH, and possibly the nation, was Democrat Carol Shea Porter's stunning upset of GOP Incumbent Congressman Jeb Bradley in NH's 1st Congressional District. National Democrats refused to contribute a dime to the liberal activist's campaign, convinced that Porter, who has never served in elected office, had no chance. Porter had so little funding that she was able to run only one single campaign commercial. She becomes the first woman ever elected to Congress from NH.


Underfunded, ignored by national Democrats, Shea-Porter pulls stunning upset

NH voters also ousted 6-term GOP Congressman Charles Bass in NH's 2nd District.


Hodes Defeats Six-Term Incumbent Bass to win NH House Seat

Also, NH Governor John Lynch (D) was re-elected by the widest margin in state history, defeating Republican Jim Coburn 74 - 26 percent


Landslide for Lynch one for history books

Democrats also stormed the State House, winning a majority in the State House for the first time since the 1800's. Dems also won majorities in the State Senate and the Governor's Council.

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