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Photos of Overland Park, Kansas


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I love this thread! I know I'm technically not supposed to like "edge cities" on an urban forum, but I love Overland Park. It just seems like a neat collection of office buildings on KC's south, forested end. It is so neat to think that Kansas's far Northeast corner is dipped in gold! Like I said before, if I move to KC to be around my family late this year, I will be in that O.P. / Olathe area.

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Hey KC Devin, I was wondering: Do you have any pics of the office centers north of KC (by the airport). When I grew up in Omaha, I remember passing by tons of neat buildings when driving south on I-29. I remember seeing an office park sign saying "Tiffany Springs" or something like that. I'm not asking you to drive way out there to get pics of course, I was just wondering if you had any pics of that area. If you do, thanks!

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