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Young & Hip an moving to Cleveland!


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My boyfriend and I are getting married and moving to Cleveland, OH in the next 6-8 months. We want to buy a place because we cannot see throwing money away on rent, but we want to live Downtown in a hip/trendy area in either a condo/brownstone/loft. We are completely new to the area so we are wondering what are nice/safe areas to live which might offer this cosmopolitan lifestyle we are looking for? Also, we really don't want to pay more then $200,000. Any ideas???

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If it's not to late, Some other places that are cool. check out placehouse square on Euclid avenue. Not as trendy but still cool.

I also like the new condos on the west bank of the flats. The views are pretty cool. You see downtown and you can see and hear the big ships traveling down the cuyahoga! I also like Ohio City over on w. 25th and lorain. near the west side market and great lakes brewery. Good Luck!

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Currently the Green line on the East side and in Shaker Heights is getting new condos built. RTA has plans to build lots of new tod (transit oriented developments) in the coming years. though. Alot of development is also planned along Euclid Ave. where the new Bus-Rapid transit line is going in. Here is a link to Avalon Station a new project going up thats actually in Shaker Heights, but adjacent to the Cleveland City limit.


These run between $200,000 and $375,000. Like I said you are right near a transit station, and there is a large shopping plaza w/grocery store behind the complex and a shopping strip of local stores across the street from the shopping plaza. The train line also runs to the Van Aken shopping area to the East and the Shaker Square area to the west, as well as downtown, the Lakefront and the Airport. Shaker also has excellent and diverse schools.

Shaker Heights website http://www.shakeronline.com/

Link to overview of master plan for this neighborhood


The intersection is Lee road and Van Aken zip 44120 incase you want to look at where its located on mapquest.

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