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Legacy Tower?


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So, Darius, been downtown lately? I'm wondering how this project is coming along. Is it called Legacy Tower? If not I'll edit the title of this post.

Last time I was down there taking pictures it looked like they'd started on the project.

I like downtown Texarkana... it's very charming and contains a lot of history. But one thing I'd never recommend to anyone is that little old Chinese buffet down there. It's amazing that place has been in business as long as it has. It's old and nasty and the food isn't very tasty.

On the flipside, however, Zapata's Grill is an awesome Tex-Mex place. The owners are former employees of Superior Grill down here in Shreveport, and they did a PERFECT job of recreating Superior. All the way down to the taste of their queso and their chips and salsa. That's a restaurant that I hope is still doing well up there. It was doing great when we visited it a couple years ago. Have you ever eaten there?

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I've been downtown a few times and it seems the Legacy Tower project isn't moving forward at all. I think if they're not going to do anything with the building then they need to tear it down and build something else there. A lot of buildings downtown have been left to pretty much rot and it makes the city look horrible. I like downtown as well and that's why it frustrates me when he city doesn't do more to try and revive it. I'm glad the Buhrman Pharr Loft Project has been doing well. I hear a grocery store will locate downtown once the lofts are completed. As for that Chinese restaurant isn't that Peking's? I thought that place was shut down? I agree. There wasn't much variety in their food and all they had for dessert was jello, lol! I've heard Zapata's is the bomb! I haven't eaten there but one day I'll give it a try.

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