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Fern Avenue Lofts


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A lot of exciting things are happening on this street. The view is absolutely THE BEST of downtown Nashville.

The area is very similar to the Nevada Heights development overlooking 440 on the west side. You can be downtown from the proposed development via Cowan or 1st in 2 miles or less?

Also, the official name of the development hasn't been made public yet, but should be in the coming months. It will NOT be Fern Avenue Lofts however. It will be represented by Village Real Estate.

Also, another insider website has been launched separately from the loft project. It's at www.fernavenueview.com

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The view is definately quite impressive from this street. I wonder how quickly it will change, though. The area is a little seedy compared to other downtown neighborhoods. It's just a little strange, seeing these big high-end houses being built next to mobile homes/trailers and old run-down houses.

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I drove by this site today. There are signs around the property for a zoning change hearing from CS to SP-R on March 4.

I found a little more info. The project has grown.

BILL NO. BL2008-145 (Harrison)

Approved by Planning Commission (9-0)

Map & Parcel No./Owner:

17-14-29, 31, 59 Nashville Ovation, LLC

Requested by: Dale & Associates

An ordinance to amend Title 17 of the Metropolitan Code of Laws, the Zoning Ordinance of The Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, by amending the previously approved Fern Avenue Lofts Specific Plan for properties located at 1206 Brick Church Pike and 40 Evergreen Avenue, at the southwest corner of Brick Church Pike and Fern Avenue (1.26 acres), by adding and changing .19 acres of land located at 1204 Brick Church Pike zoned CS to SP to allow 64 multi-family dwelling units on three properties, where 45 were previously approved on two properties, all of which is more particularly described herein, (Proposal No. 2006SP-159U-03).

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Thanks for posting this barakat. I thought I had posted about some of this making its way through the planning commission and then I realized it was on NC. I am glad to see this start to move again. I really thought it was DOA.

I really think that if we see new condo construction going on in Nashville over the next year or so, it will be more projects like this one. Large developments may be put on hold for a while. It depends on how many people continue to move here. If Nashville is more recession proof than other areas of the country, then get ready for a surge of people because they go where the jobs are.

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