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New Bus Line Connects EL, Metro Airport


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Starting Thursday, the "Michigan Flyer" will make a 1 hour 40 Minute trip between EL and Metro Airport, with a stop in Jackson to pick up passengers. The shuttle will run both directions 8 times daily. The shuttle is operated by Indian Trails.

My dad was the President of Indian Trails Motorcoach, Inc. for about 6 years back in the '90s, and this is a project that he had worked to begin even way back then. They have been a great michigan based transit company that is really stepping up to the plate in terms of michigan bus transit lately.

see the article here:




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I like the idea, because it's a great start. But, what ever happened to the high-speed rail between Lansing and Detroit? Much of Michigan is so backwards on transit, and it culminated in that "report" SEMCOG released about the Ann Arbor-Detroit commuter rail plan just a few days ago.
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CapCity already has it's built in base. It's a niche airport, and they know that, so it's not like this shuttle is stealing customers from CapCity. Those that go to CapCity are going to continue to go to CapCity. Comparing it with Metro is apples to oranges. I think, in the end, this really helps BOTH airports. For a lot of flights, you have to fly or drive into Metro, anyway.

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