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What makes Austin such a great place to live

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:) Ive been hearing alot of hype lately about how Austin is such a good place to live and I just want to know what about this city is so special ?

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I believe it has to do allot with the diversity of the city and in part its liberal attitude. It has also done great in branding itself. Taking benefit of its assets and using these to overcome most of its drawbacks. Following is a list of a couple of assets the city has maximized on.

1- Town Lake

2- Hill Country

3- Lake Travis

4- Self Pride (everyone ones to live in a place were everyone is proud of living there)

5- Capitol City

6- Keep Austin Weird Campaign (denotes a sense of open arms for everyone no mater who you are you are welcome)

7- UT Austin (The university keeps an influx of young vibrant people coming to the city)

I think these are some of the things that have helped Austin be considered a great place to live.

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One of the best live music cities in the world.

Great climate 9 months of the year, though my wife would disagree.

Laid back attitude...flip flops and blue jeans everywhere, unlike its neighbors Dallas and Houston.

Convergence of Academic, Political Communities, Entertainment and Technology Communities. This has created a fantastic creative talent base. Thus the rise of the dot com era, Third Coast Movie Industry, Gaming Community, etc.

Also its nice to be centrally located between Dallas, Houston, San Antonio and the Coast.


3 to 4 months that are way too hot.


Young town lacking in some of the history that other cities may have.

Has trouble keeping up with its growth.

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