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Courant Editorial: Hartford Stands Out


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Courant Editorial detailing how Skate America and other recent events have showcased Hartford in a very positive light nationally and beyond. More evidence that we are headed in the right direction and that if we just pay attention to the big and small things we are going to succeed.

Hartford Stands Out

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That NCAA Tourney a few years back killed us, we really dropped the ball with that one. At least it looks like we've learned from our mistakes. Maybe we'll really get our head in the game, get a new arena, and really showcase the city with that and a new team....

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I had the opportunity to spend some time recently at the new Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, which opened in 2004. Hartford's convention center facility has a lot more personality than the Boston center, which is simply overwhelming in its size, and pretty blah in its interior design.

Instead of a downtown circulator bus, they run several free lunch trolleys to local restaurants, as the convention center is located outside of a main business/restaurant area. The trolley drivers are professional trolley tour operators, and give audio commentary while they drive, which is interesting for out-of-towners and gives convention-goers a small taste of the city while they are otherwise secluded at the convention.

All in all, I think Hartford did a better job with design than Boston did.

Boston has much better linkages to transportation, though, with the new silver line bus rapid transit a short walk away connecting directly to logan airport, and south station train station a 20 minute walk away. Front Street and an airport/train station shuttle would make a huge difference.

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