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Salt Lake City's WareHouse District!

Sean Reynolds

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73 outside, so I thought I'd venture down to Salt Lake City's historic warehouse district. It's located just west of downtown Salt Lake City - and you guessed it - is home to all the old warehouses. Actually the district continues west of where these photos were taken, but that area tends to be run down and nothing really noteworthy to snap photos of over there.

The district started in the late 1800s as a stockyard for the city. After the Rio Grande depot and Union Pacific depot were built, the area began booming into a large warehouse district. It also was home to a large Greek population (as well as a Greek church) and became known as Greek Town.

During the early 1900s whore houses were located throughout downtown Salt Lake City. Upset citizens pushed the city council to build a 'red light district' some where in the city, to keep the whore houses out of their neighborhoods. The city, along with the Greek community, decided to locate the new red light district inside the warehouse district. A few blocks west of where I took the photos is the only standing building that was apart of the district (now home to a radio station).

Today, the WareHouse district is full of lofts, art places, clubs and fine dining. It's also the location of the Delta Center - home to the Utah Jazz. As well as the new Gateway Shopping Center (out-door mall). The area actually was pretty run down in the 1980s and started a STRONG rebound when the Delta Center opened in 1991 and finally by 2000 had down a complete 180. In fact, the area continues to grow.

Anyway, enough talkin'....here the photos be. ;)

Looking toward downtown. You can see the Greek Orthadox Church.


Some warehouses turned into businesses.


This was actually just built. It's a market place and lofts.


Some homeless chilling in Pioneer Park. Over the years this park has turned basically into a homeless camp. It's full of drugs, hookers and well other mean things. The city has tried MANY times to turn this place around, but with the homeless shelther a few blocks north; it's been hard.


Some historic rowhouses as well as a small hotel (with downtown peaking).


Front view of the Greek Church. You can see the One Utah Center and Hilton Hotel to the left.


The backs of some warehouses.


The old California Tire and Rubber Co building. I believe these are being turned into lofts.


Pierpont Drive - warehouses converted into shops.


A homage to the past workers of the area.


Looking down the walkway. We got LOTS of seagulls in Salt Lake because of the lake. And well, they were flying over head and it made it sound like I was on some boardwalk. :D


New lofts with the California Tire and Rubber Co. building in the background.


Even more warehouses turned to lofts.


Not so ambiguous message of the day! ;)


Whats this? Another warehouse converted to shops?


Now the other side, looking toward downtown.


The warehouse area with downtown.


Another old warehouse turned to shops.


Gateway Tower just finishing up construction.


Looking down 400 South at the Gateway Shopping Center.


Lofts with shops.


The Delta Center. Home of the Utah Jazz. GO JAZZ! :)


Even more warehouses.


Two people talkin on cell phones.


Between two buildings.


More warehouses.




Finally, Jazz spirit is alive and well in the SLC!


Hope ya' liked.

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