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Zipcar comes to almost-Motown!

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Found this in Mlive (meant to put it out here before):

"...Zipcar, a car-sharing company whose principal engineer is Ann Arbor native Greg McGuire, a 1996 graduate of Pioneer High School.

The Cambridge, Mass.-based company launched a partnership with the University of Michigan last week to provide six cars stationed at various locations around campus for subscribers to use at an hourly rate.

A membership costs $50 a year, and the company charges a one-time $25 application fee. U-M affiliates will be able to join for a discounted $30 rate.

Using a Zipcar costs $8 an hour, up to a maximum of $60 a day; there are no charges for gasoline or insurance. "

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Boy, do we need that service here in G.R.!

There's been countless times I've needed four wheels while Mr. Zen has been at a gig.

(No, sadly, the Vespa doesn't go everywhere.)

I'll contact them and plead. My pleading skills are tip-top.

Zenstyle; not anti-car, never anti-car, but hate owning one.

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