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Mountain Brook


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New Piggly Wiggly store gets touch of Tria Market

Initially plans for the shopping center anchored by the store received a cool response from Mountain Brook city planners, residents and environmentalists. They were concerned the shopping center would hurt the river, causing flooding and pollution with runoff.

But developer Jay Moss added two means of capturing stormwater - a Baysaver and a bioswale. The Baysaver, an underground piping system, and the bioswale, a natural retention system, added approximately 20 percent to the overall $1.75 million cost of site work. The City of Mountain Brook provided a $600,000 incentive package to help offset the cost of the site work.

The project is now being hailed as an example of how economic development can be environmentally responsible.

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Historic district designation considered for 3 villages

Mountan Brook is seeking to get Mountain Brook, English, and Crestline villages historical designation. These are the hope of the city to preserve the character of the distinct shopping districts. They are working with the Birmingham Historical Society to hope the approval process gets sped up.

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