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Bryant / Benton


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Benton's growth has largely been punctuated by the development of I-30, closing of Alcoa, and since the widening of I-30.

Going back to the 60-70s Benton's population was around 16,000 up from the boon caused by the New Benton Highway. Growth was slow up through the 90s because of the demise of the mines. While Bryant began exploding, Benton saw a little of the residual growth 1990-2000 (18,177-21,906). Since 2000, and the announcement of plans to widen I-30, Benton has seen much more growth.

As far as I know, Benton does not have a large agenda regarding annexation apart from soldifying areas between Benton and Bryant. However, if Benton were to begin annexing the Congo area to its north, you would see Benton's population figure increase much more.

My dad was raised and lived in Bryant back when there were 300-500 people living there. The only "hospital" was in Bauxite. At one time Bauxite had over 6000 people and you can still find some the houses that were built by Reynolds and Alcoa around Benton.

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