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R.I.P. Bo Schembechler

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It just goes to show, live every day to the fullest. You never know when your card is going to get punched.

Give 'Em Hell Bo!

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Interesting how all the news reports include his many heart problems. One attack the night before his first Rose Bowl game in the '70's, two quadruple bypasses.

IMHO (having been a Designated Daughter), going fast is the way to do it. None of this home hospice double oxygen bronchio aviolar cancer BS. Go out fast and proud, and leave a big empty space where you were. And if your passing throws That Team for a loop, well, way to go!


So a sportswriter dies and goes to heaven, and St Peter is showing him around. The pressbox! The stadium! The wire services!!

And down on the 50 yard line is a portly red-jacketed figure in a black baseball cap shredding a yard marker!

Sportswriter sez, "what's HE doing here?!?"

St Pete sez, "It's not what you think. Actually, that is God. Sometimes He likes to pretend that He's Woody Hayes."

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