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Bill Mocarsky

I-84 downtown exit 48

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Exit 48 (Capitol / Asylum Aves) resembles a highway interchange more than an exit. It is a virtual wall Between some of Hartford's busiest neighborhoods.

Does this exit really need the massive footprint?

Could the extended ramps be traded for an extended street grid?

If it was cleaned up, would decking over be easier to conceive?

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That area also has the train tracks complicating the situation. It's an expensive proposition anyway you look at it.

I tend to agree wiith Northland that the Civic Center is the big problem. Put a central corridor from the train station to main street and that entire area becomes walkable and fertile for development.

If we had the money to bury I-84, that cash would be better spent on building a new arena on site 12B and connecting Allyn and Pratt streets

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