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Rural MN


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Here are some photos of rural cities around Minnesota. The state has three very distinct regions, economically. First, you have the rich farming regions of the southeast, southwest, and northwest, the tourist/iron ore/timber areas of the north central and northeast, and the metro area.

The agricultural areas range from the rolling hills dotted with family farms that so many have romanticized in the SW to the flat prairie regions of the NW.

Here's a picture of Winona, MN in the southeast corner of the state:


The centerpiece of German influence in southern and central MN, appropriately placed in New Ulm: Hermann the German (Hermann Denkmal)


A picture of Rochester, MN, the home of the Mayo Clinic and the southern axis of the "Golden Crescent"- A corridor of rapidly growing communities from Rochester, through the Twin Cities, and NW towards St. Cloud.


Another very prominant area in the state's history has been the "Iron Range" focusing on the cities of Hibbing, Chisolm, Virginia, and onto Duluth. The region has had economic difficulties for the past 25 years due to low steel prices which have forced steel companies to look elsewhere for iron ore, but recent booms in construction in the middle east and in China have forced the price of steel up, and companies are once again looking to invest in the iron range:

Here's a few of Duluth:



We're about as far south as it gets to view the 'Northern Lights', but they are still stunning.


Things are changing in the state though. Wind turbines are becoming a lucrative business for many farmers in western MN:


And people worry as this:


Is being encroached upon by this:


None of these photos are my own, and I ask you to give any acknowledgement to those websites which have provided the pictures.

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They happen quite often, especially in the winter.. I'd say, I catch them just randomly about 2-3 times/year.. but I'm sure they occur many times without me even knowing.

I remember one time about 5 years ago, they were so vivid.. they occured right over the top of me and they were mostly red/orange and they came down in a showering motion but were dancing.. it was one of the coolest things I've ever experienced.

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Yeah, I should have titled the thread "Greater Minnesota"... I meant to look at areas outside of the Twin Cities metro... because Minnesota really only has one large metro area, we tend to refer to the state as "the Cities" and "out-state"...

It was meant to showcase some of the smaller cities not directly associated with Minneapolis/St. Paul... but also include some rural things.

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