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raleigh souvenirs


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i'm really not big into getting souvenirs when i travel, unless i find something really worth getting. anyway, one thing i do when i visit a new place is get a shot glass with the name and some kind of monument or icon of the city, place, region i went to.

so i've been doing this for awhile now and have a ton of glasses but i realized today that i don't have one for my own city! also, i have no idea where i would go about getting one. is there a souvenir store somewhere around town? only place i could think of is the airport, but i have no flight travel plans anytime soon.

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While I have no idea if they have shot glasses, the first two places that come in mind for Raleigh souvenirs would be the museum gift shops downtown....State History Museum and State Science Museum.

I've yet to visit the Raleigh City Museum yet so I can't tell you if they have a gift shop.

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Sweet Tea and Grits in City Market used to have things like this, but they're gone and its replacement, Tony's Cafe, doesn't have any Raleigh-centric stuff.

The Raleigh City Museum on F Street has a "gift shop", but it is small and shotglass-less.

It does have coffee mugs and t-shirts though.

You could try the basement/lobby of the Sheraton on F Street. They may have some items, but they have weird hours, or you might be able to get them from the check-in desk. The CVS on F Street might have something, but it is a small store that caters more to Sir Walter and Eastside residents than tourists.

The NC Rembered store at Crabtree focuses more on NC wide things, like the universities, beach, etc. vs. Raleigh itself.

Try some drug stores, like Eckards or Kerr Drug. Sometimes they'll have a display of Raleigh items as you walk in. The Cameron Village store had some once, but it has been a while since I've been in there.

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I would definitely suggest trying North Carolina Remembered in Crabtree or next time you're flying out of RDU somewhere, check around in those little shops in Terminal A and C. Its a shame that terrorist had to ruin the freedoms of the country because I used to love walking around the airport. Some of those shops in there are great...specifically the ACC Store.

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i sometimes see souvenirs of the city or region in airports. just thought of this, anyone think that with the new convention center and the majority of its visitors probably staying at the marriott, the hotel may have a souvenir shop? (hahah "i 'heart' raleigh" shirts, anyone? :P )

also, i know what you mean redman, airports really are fun.

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