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Illinois mall questions


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I have a ton of questions regarding the various malls in Illinois. Could someone please help me? I am working on a comprehensive guide to every mall in the US.

* When did Sears leave University Mall in Carbondale?

* Is the Century Mall in Chicago truly a mall? I can't find any info on it.

* Did Danville Village Mall ever have any anchors besides the ones it has now? I have a hunch that Hobby Lobby used to be a JCPenney.

* What used to be the anchor opposite JCPenney at Village Mall in Effingham?

* Sandburg Mall has some pretty big vacancies in the JCPenney wing. I presume that one was Osco and one was a theater. Am I right?

* Did Illinois Centre Mall ever have other anchors than it does now? I presume that the Redline Racing & Hobby space used to be JCPenney, and Target may have been something else.

* What used to occupy #9, #27 and #32 at Cross County Mall in Mattoon? (Consult this map: http://www.crosscountymall.com/stores.shtml )

* Is Oak Mill Mall in Niles a mall or a strip?

* White Oaks Mall in Springfield has a vacant anchor. Was this JCPenney?

* Northland Mall in Sterling has a vacant anchor in the middle, near the Bath & Body Works; what was it?

* Crossing over into Indiana... I read somewhere about a Calumet Square in Munster, Indiana. All that I can find on it is that it used to have a Wards, which was torn down in '04 for a Target. Google provides no more info?

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