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Walmart at Northcross


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Count me in the group that has no problem with Walmart in the area. The real disappointment is the type of density, land use and connectivity that Lincoln Properties has planned for this project. The developer is missing an excellent opportunity for a more valuable long term asset in this area of Austin by moving forward with the "easy" big box product whether its two story or not. It doesn't encourage walkability for nearby residents or bring housing and non service sector employment.

I think the complaints would get more traction with the developer, who has no incentive at this time to modify their plans, if they focused on what Lincoln property is putting up, not who they are bringing to the table. Shops at the Galleria are a prime example of what you get when the opponents focus on the wrong development issues.

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Walmart has redesigned the store that it wants to build at Northcross. They have eliminated 6,000 sf from the store and have added some green design features.

Lincoln and Wal-Mart want to make changes "more in keeping with the nature of Austin," she said, such as adding a water retention pond, water-efficient landscaping, bike access and solar panels.
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