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Baxter Community Center


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I've lived in the Baxter neighborhood for over 30 years. That community center is the thing that ties this neighborhood together. It's where we vote, send our kids to daycare, have community meetings and all sorts of things. It's great to see this expansion going forward along with the townhouse project across the street (hopefully) and the city park expansion. It's like all of the devepment along Wealthy and Diamond is starting to spill over into the neighborhood.

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I don't think think the finish surface though. The black color is prabably a water proof coating to discourage moisture from entering the building. If you look closely at the photograph you'll notice that lighter colored concrete foundation work meets the black walls in a ledge for a finish brick veneer to sit on. The finish look of the wall I'm assuming will match the rest of the existing building.

The dark-colored brick seems to be a trend lately...we've got it in the founders trust building, and now this...I kinda like it though
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