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A Few Pics of Nashville

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Went out to the Grand Opening of American Apparel down on Broadway and took the camera with me. Snapped a few, and had a good time emptying out my bank account!










Thank you.

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Yeah, the wife and I were working on some settings last night and thought we would snap a few pics in the process. I like the results for the most part.

Thanks for the compliment!!!

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Excellent! Spent about $180 in there just buying away. LOL! The lady that checked us out said they had been busy for most of the day. She was from their factory in Los Angeles and was in town training people at the store. She told me this was a store they wanted opened first because of the amount of development in and around downtown. But due to delays with construction and all, it was the second one to open in Tennessee behind Memphis. She said the Memphis store was doing well as well! You walk in and have to kind of step back for a moment and take in the scene, but after that, it's pretty cool.

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