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Random concepts

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I hope to one day become an urban real estate developer. Many times I will sit around and day dream about my aspirations and come up with ideas and concepts that I may undertake in the future.

So, today I was just sitting around when I thought it would be cool to start a LEEDY development companyin Charlotte. So I was bored and decided to create a logo for this company. The name would be called Eucalyptus (like the Australian plant of course) and it would mainly do environmentally friendly urban developments. It would specialize in mid to high-rise residential, but would also have some commercial and retail projects in its portfolio.

Here's the logo I designed:


Hope you like, and any comments/ideas/suggestions for ideas for the company would be greatly appreciative.

Remember, this is just a hypothetical made-up thing, but maybe one day it will turn into reality!

Also, do you guys ever have any dreams? Please share.

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My drema is to become a graphic designer. speaking of which I need to find some graphic design work lol. My current job doesnt do much for graphic design.....:-(

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Yes, I dream about "what could be" very often; among other things, here's what I'd like to see happen for real estate:

Finally, real estate developers and companies put most all stores and offices uptown rather than in the suburbs. This comes on the heels of developing multiple mass-transit lines from suburbia to uptown. People stream uptown on great mass transit to shop, enjoy themselves and work. Charlotte's periphery is left undisturbed, with the environment left to flourish instead of being destroyed.

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