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Rainy Day Photos...

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...when you're not out and about in town for the purpose of capturing

the city by photo! Heh.

Nevertheless, here are some very random UP.ORG-only photos to

share - taken after I attended an event related to the USN (SS) at the

Seahawks Stadium Exhibition Centre. You may not be able to tell in many

photos, but, it was absolutely pouring rain - which is actually not all that

common since drizzle or mist is the main course around here usually:

Ferry view. This was on my way back out of town.


Ferry view again. 12 years of riding ferries, and, the trip to town (this photo

was heading away, though) had me falling asleep longer than normal. I awoke

to one courtesy honk by parked car behind me. The ferry had nearly completely

unloaded and I was still dozing. Doh! That serves me right for not doing the usual

walk-on route.


Taken from parking garage at Seahawks Stadium Exhibition Centre.

Train carrying wheel rims in this particular shot. Going underneath a triple-digit million

dollar baseball stadium nearby. Albeit, the overhang part where much

of the retractable roof sits.


Another eclectic photo with just some logs - more of Safeco Field actually

in view this time, though. If camera was turned the other way, you can see

the train station with the Sounder commuter rail train, and, AmTrak moored.


Misty shot, satellites, Seattle.


...again, but, w/o satellites and w/ a Bud Light...heh.


Random ferry shot, rain, a bit of the city. Ivar's tastes good.


Regardless of weather, people will ALWAYS find their way out to an overhang

for a city/scenic view. (Besides me.)


Next 3 shots: Rain, Port of Seattle partially in view, the Bremerton ferry

racing off to catch my Bainbridge ferry. I have a 30 minute ride, they

have a 60 minute ride. Yea me. Bad, for nappy though. Heh.

Also, someone always asks for their photo taken. But, they probably don't

ask for two photos taken of them, one of which being mine from above.










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I love working ports. A nice change from the sunny day pictures we often see of Seattle. With the heavy industry, and clouds and fog, it reminds me a little of Boston.

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It's unusual that Seattle has non-grade seperated train tracks on the edge of downtown like that. That whole southern tip of downtown needs a lot of work.

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We've got an at-grade frieght crossing on a major road on the edge of Downtown Providence. Also in the heavily industrial port area.

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