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Baton Rouge Neighborhoods


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Nice thread bluff2085! Where do I begin???

I have always been fond of Downtown even during the Dark Era; I am proud of the "Life" returning Downtown. It still has a ways to go, but it's on the right track. So really anywhere Downtown

*Something about Third Street and it's former glory

*Fourth Street with it's "Big-City" feel w/ the State Capitol on one end; and soon to be New Courthouse on the other end

*North Boulevard with the tree-lined promenade

*Lafayette Street at Covention Street intersection with the new Hilton Capitol Center and Shaw Center for the Arts, and New Orleans style smaller buildings

*River Road around the levee, RiverCenter/Planetarium/water fountains and Old State Capitol

* LSU* around CollegeTown w/ the giant old Oak trees and University Lake area.

*Historic Highland Road from the Southgate's along the small rolling hills following Bayou Fountain all the way down to the CC of Louisiana.

*I appreciate the older neighborhoods like The Garden District,(Perkins Rd. over-pass unique area) Southdowns and Mid City.

*Old Goodwood and the upscale infil alley ways not far from...

* The new "Hip Strip" around the New Towne Center at Corporate/Jefferson..Can't wait to see Corporate Blvd. corridor continue to fil-up...also the area around the Marriott in Corporate Square next to CitiPlace

* My area of Millerville/I-12; Riveroaks(eastern BR)...those are my roots were I spent most of my life

*Coursey Blvd now has a cool new little section around Chimes East...a new modern Nutri-Sport and soon will begin French Quarter style row-houses in-between

*Perkins Road/Olympia Park/Stadium/new X'treme Sport Park, greenspace not far from Pennington Bio-medical Research Center

That's most of my favorite areas around BR!

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Personally, I am biased toward Southdowns because of it's location. It is right near the perkins road overpass, a huge Wal Mart, a dozen or so smaller grocery stores, a 24 hour fitness, Bennys car wash, and local hardware stores...and it is of course right next to Zeeland Street Market.

Bocage'- and anything in that stretch of Jefferson is hot right now

Zee Zee Gardens

Capitol Heights

Garden District

Boussard street area

Goodwood area (btw capitol heights and Tara)

nice neighborhoods that I think will get better with age

Broadmoor- hopefully Woman's Hospitol will stay right there for a while

Sherwood Forest

Shenandoah area- I love it just for the street names. I respect history...much better than naming everything "Oak street" or "Serena ave" or whatever. I am not sure what that area is around Stumberg lane is called, but I love it. Everything you need is close by and traffic seems to be move. Low crime, too.

Bluebonnet area

My all time favorite:

LSU Avenue Hell yeah!

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--all the neighborhoods around LSU, especially LSU ave. and University Gardens area around Morning Glory/Hollydale. Perkins Rd. Overpass is over there too.

--Jefferson Ave b/t Corporate and Bluebonnet seems to be on the rise. Bocage houses are great but I really like how Jefferson has avoided some of the sprawl you find further east.

--Garden District streets like Kleinert [sp?], Drehr, and Olive. Goodwood out towards Tara is pretty cool too.

--Some of the neighborhoods in Old South BR have a lot of character and I can tell used to thrive back in the day

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So are the developers finally moving in on Valley Park? They had been fighting that for years and years and years. That was a mostly low income black area, but there I swear I just saw a condo development "comming soon" sign right behind the College Drive Wal Mart.

I haven't seen new Condos in Baton Rouge recently that were not insanely overpriced.

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