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Do you watch American Idol?


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I was shock by the results too. I'm tired of the teen groupie girls carring JPL and John Stevens through the finals. They are no good and have no talent. I guess every teen girl loves a baby face red head boy and a goofy geek the look like he comes from the cast of the Partridge Family.

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Last August when I was in Atlanta, I met Ricky Smith from American Idol 2 in the lobby of the Ritz Carlton where I stayed. But when I first saw him, he was coming out of the Hooters restaurant about a block away from the Ritz and had a box of Hooters wings in his hands :P The American Idol tour was in town that weekend and it was also about a week before Fantasia tried out for American Idol 3 in Atlanta.

The American Idol 2004 Atlanta tour will be on August 15, 2005. Coincidently I will be in Atlanta for another event between August 14-16 and will be staying at the same hotel so Hopefully I'll bump into some of this years American Idol top 12. :) This time, I'll make sure I take my digital camera.

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