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2007 Forecast

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As 2006 winds down, it might be nice to recap what should be happening in 2007 within the city of Greenville. I'm sure I'm missing some.

Completing in 2007:

1. Terrace at Riverplace

2. The Fieldhouse

3. LEC Expansion

4. Mcbee Station

5. Hubbel Lighting

6. Clemson Graduate School at ICAR

7. Timken building at ICAR

8. Parking garage/offices at ICAR

9. Drury Inn

10. Greenville Hospital System Patewood facility

11. Ridgeland at the Park

12. Greenville High School

13. Super Bilo at Verdae

14. The Edge

New Construction starts in 2007:

1. Pinnacle on Main

2. The Peacock Hotel & Spa

3. The Camperdown?

4. Kroc Center

5. New fountain at Heritage Green

6. Carillon at Riverplace?

7. Brick Street Lofts

8. Pendleton West

9. Bookends at Washington Street

10. Bank of America/Piazza Bergamo/Woolworth building redevelopment?

11. Federal Courthouse (probably 2008)

12. Palmetto Bank Headquarters

13. Greenville Mall redevelopment

14. Verdae Phasse 1 (I suppose already started)

15. Mixed use building next to City Hall

16. The South Financial Group new headquarters

17. Redevelopment of County Square?

There should be some decent activity to watch in 2007 but it would be nice to see more.

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Seems about right^^^. I think Timken is already complete at ICAR. I guess you're not referring to begining in 2007, but starting and still under construction in 2007? Is the Edge complete?

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Redevelopment of County Square can't start until the County vacates it. That can't happen until the new building at Magnolia PArk is completed.

The Edge and Ridgeland at the Park may not finish until 2008.

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That is correct, The Edge is way way way behind scedule.

Also, I could not see anything breaking ground at County Square until 2009. Hope I am wrong, but the new county building probubly wont be done till mid to late 2008.

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