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Developer Uses Growth To Stimulate Larger Markets

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Texarkana is now strengthening its base as a shopping hub for the region providing not just retail but services needed by the whole region. We're considered the nucleus of our trade area. People come to Texarkana for more than just shopping but for higher education and healthcare, both of which are growing by leaps and bounds. Texarkana has proven to be a lucrative market because once the national retailers come here they usually do better than the national average. The Waggoner Creek development, a 500 acre master planned development has gotten its first tenants with Gander Mountain and the new Orr car dealerships that will soon arrive. The new Mathematics Magnet School will be located on the north side of the development. Looking at where Texarkana is and where it will go, the Twin Cities have become a very prominent secondary market. Texarkana is on the verge of going to the next level as markets go. With all the resources the city has it has the potential to be a distribution powerhouse. To read more of this article here's the link. http://www.texarkanagazette.com/articles/2.../business01.txt

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