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U.S. National Whitewater Center

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The September update from the usnwc says that its still on schedule for spring 2006 opening. Concrete for the pump house is being poured and construction on the channels, lower dam, and lower pond is underway. The design for the entrance road is nearly finished and construction on it will begin soon.


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Considering there’s already a trail in mind for that area that would connect the silver line to the USNWC. The idea of that trail is in the CharlotteMoves study.

I’ve never met a bigger narcissist than Jeff Wise. He loves talking about himself and believes he’s god’s gift to the Charlotte outdoor community. And he rules that place with an iron fist to its detr

I was out at USNWC this morning and it was beautiful.  It is one of my favorite places anywhere for a run.  It was very busy this morning, so I hope they fully recover from last year's difficulties.

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The October update from the USNWC, concrete has started being poured for one of the channels while grading is ongoing for the other channels and ponds. The pumps for the coures were tested in Sweden recently and will be shipped over in the next few weeks.


Also has a bunch of new pics, this place is really starting to take shape. :D

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I love this project. I really do. It is self-supporting, it is the best in the world, it is 'cool', it helps build global recognition for the city in magazines related to the sport, it builds up our association with the NC mountains where the olympics were held for this sport, it builds up our west side with a positive image, it will be a regional and national draw for visitors.

It will be a lot of fun.

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Yes. I believe it is only during certain times, but the revenues from the general public are what will pay off the bonds. I believe that the public funding for this was only to guarantee the loans. So that if the bonds couldn't be paid off with revenues, which everyone believe is reasonable, then the multiple municipalities will be on the hook.

It is like if your dad cosigns your car loan when you're in college. He had to sign to get the loan, but darn well expects you to pay it off yourself :).

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