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Co-housing debuts in NH

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Community, from the ground up

The Nubanusit Neighborhood and Farm, now under construction, will be the state's first "cohousing" development, a type of collaborative, condominium-style living that originated 40 years ago in Denmark by people frustrated by the limits of traditional single-family homes. In cohousing, residents have the privacy of their individual homes, but they agree on a set of values by which to live, share some common space and often make decisions through consensus.

At Nubanusit, the community will be based on friendliness, generosity of time and energy, and environmental stewardship, its founders say. It is being designed as a distinct contrast to the growing landscape of sidewalk-free suburbs and big box supermarkets. All cars will be parked near the entrance and walkways will connect the homes, commercial condominiums and recreational trails along the river, encouraging neighbors to interact. People will gather often for potluck dinners in a 4,250-square-foot common house, and they'll have the option of buying much of their food from an on-site farm.

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