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Kalamazoo Forum?



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I don't know, I watch the traffic around here, Lansing may have it's own subforum, but it lacks leadership really and it has very slow traffic. I am a firm believer that people have pride in where they live, pinning Kzoo to the top could work. But like traverse city, it would result in one single line of communication. Instead of creating multiple threads of what is going on, people still treat the Traverse City topic as a kind of psuedo forum and just post in there, it deters multiple threads, and opening multiple discussions, that could actually warrant having it's own subforum. This is what I think, in the case of online forums, if you build it they will come. People from Kalamazoo and even Northern Michigan are bound to stumble upon Urbanplanet. I think if they see an entire forum Devoted to where they live, they are much more likely to take pride in that and join in the conversation. If they see one thread with not much going on in it. They are like to get a little bored with it and move on. It'll always stay that way. But you all who are on here regularly should help out and join in the conversation, post articles talk about things, help it grow. At some point, and i'm sure it's hard for you all to see this Grand Rapids was a fledgeling city on here with little support, but with the dedication of a few forumers, it really took off. If we all pitch in and join the conversation pretty soon they could stand on their own. As it is, the Traverse City thread has more posts than entire state forums in the west. Unfortunately what it truly is, is an ongoing conversation between two dedicated forumers. So I say create a forum for Kalamazoo, and for that matter Northern Michigan. We can all work to create quality communities for them. As it is, to many forumers on here don't really help to advance the other cities. I'd be all about it. I love Michigan, and anything in it. What do you say?

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Awhile ago, I was going to set up a thread for a vote on whether to drop the Ann Arbor forum, and put it back in the Detroit section (like we used to have it). I think that would foster more discussion.

As far as K-zoo, is it possible to do a test run? Could Battle Creek possibly be represented there as well?

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I'd think that if we created a Kzoo forum, including Battle Creek in that would almost be for granted. Discussion about the tri-cities is included in Flint, and the distances between those areas are greater than Kzoo - BC which are just as interconnected.

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I say we make it a sticky for the time being (unless there is some solid objection or some overwhelming interest in someone taking leadership), and maybe also demote the Lansing forum to a sticky. For reasons I'd rather not reveal, there is no way I want to keep that up. There is much going on in the city, but because of conflicts I don't want to risk continuing to post in it.

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Lansing is fine as is, I know what you are talking about Lmich, and I think it's silly that you don't want to post there. Do as you wish. These forums need support from forumers from all cities in Michigan. Things in the past have been divise for the Michigan forums. We all need to pull together and help each other out. What is good has the potential to be great.

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