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Westinghouse chooses Pittsburgh for nuclear engineering unit


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This is a nice counterweight to the Mellon announcement. The Pittsburgh region has been chosen for this facility over Charlotte (for once lol). It remains to be seen if the facility will be located in Monroeville or Cranberry (I would prefer the Allegheny County location). Monroeville-based Westinghouse currently employs 3000 in the region, and this new unit will create 2000 new jobs of high quality.


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This is a huge win for the region! especially considering its coming on the heels of the Mellon debacle. Depending on how the Mellon thing progresses this week, it could actually end up being one of the greatest weeks in Pittsburgh business for a very long time.

These jobs are very high paying, and they attract the type of resident that Pittsburgh has been lacking in major in migration for a while. I also think it is notable that we beat out the Anti-Pittsburgh (Charlotte) for once, rather than watching jobs be relocated there. It really shows that the region still has the ability to compete with the new growth areas of the country as long as all the parties are committed to doing so.

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You hate to see any jobs leave the region, but the presence of Mellon Financial isn't going to do much to help Pittsburgh out of its rut. Westinghouse will attract some fresh blood while fostering a better relationship with India and China. My take is that Pittsburgh just hit the jackpot with the Westinghouse announcement.

I agree global, but the many of the non executive jobs don't need to be in NY and the salaries certainly are lower in Pittsburgh.... that said, the implications of the Westinghouse news are the most significant in years for the region I would think.
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