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Forum meet this winter


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Any takers? Yes? No?

I met some guys from another forum one time. It was weird at first meeting someone from the internet, b/c quite frankly a few of them were a bit unusual, and I guess meeting someone in person ruins your preconception of what they may be like.

But hey, it was alot of fun and we're all just UP nerds, so we should do it. It would be cool if someone in the know came along and filled us in on projects as well.

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Such is usually the case with forum get togethers. I went to Meetups and Dailykos meetings during the election season and sometimes a lot of people showed and other times it was very small. As long as we all don't have to hold onto a rope and be led around by Bullhorn I will go :lol:

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You guys should definetly get together for a Charlotte forum meet-up. We had a Raleigh meet back during the early summer and about a dozen people showed up, it was a saturday about 11:00 I believe. I had a lot of fun, and we talked about downtown and new developments throughout the metro. December is a very busy month for most people though, but maybe it could work.

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